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The Epomaker B21 is a retro 65% compact, yet innovative, wireless mechanical keyboard with knob switch controls.

With dual connectivity modes (wireless or wired) and both Windows and Mac layouts, the B21 is the ultimate match for any device setup. It easily pairs with up to three devices at once to maximize productivity and ease of use. The Epomaker B21 is the perfect companion to elevate your work and gaming experience. 

Retro 65% Layout

The B21 features the ultimate compact yet powerful layout.

Inspired by the keyboard community, we designed the B21 to be as small as possible, while preserving all of the essential multimedia and function keys on Mac and Windows. This was made possible by designing unique combination keys that are intuitive and easy to use. The B21 also comes with control knobs and multimedia keys to offer the same functionalities of a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, but with a much smaller footprint.

Wireless and Wired

Designed for versatility, the B21 can connect both via Bluetooth for wireless connectivity or with the included USB Type-C cable. With Bluetooth 5.0, it can simultaneously connect with your phone, laptop, or tablet to provide the most efficient multitasking and speedy performance.

The B21 - it’s not just a keyboard, it’s the paramount productivity tool for your daily work and games!

Connect Up to Three Devices

Connect with up to 3 devices wirelessly and effortlessly. Unlike other keyboards, the B21 comes with three Bluetooth keys to make the connection process easy. Press the Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2, or Bluetooth 3 keys to pair with your phone, laptop, or tablet. Then, switch between devices with ease for an enhanced multitasking and productive workflow.

Engineered with cross-system flexibility, the B21 provides versatility through compatibility with macOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. You can easily switch between operating systems with just one press of the multimedia function key. Additionally, the B21 is among the very few mechanical keyboards that feature dedicated multimedia keys to combine intuitive functionality with the tactile pleasure of typing on a compact mechanical keyboard.

The difficulty in crafting mechanical keyboards rises when trying to design a sleek, yet versatile layout.

We were able to manage this balance by creating convenient accessibility to all of the essential multimedia and function keys, paired together with intuitive combination keys for each Mac and Windows OS. Furthermore, our layout provides natural presentation and location for the arrow, home, page navigation, and delete keys - all which are often left out in typical compact keyboards.

B21 is available with the famed Cherry MX switches in Blue, Brown, and Red.

The B21 comes with the famous Cherry switches. 

The MX Blue switch provides the most tactile sensation and clicky sound, with the distinct “click-clack” noise characteristic of mechanical keyboards.

The MX Brown switch offers a similar tactile sensation as the Blue, but is a little bit quieter for office use.

The MX Red switch is linear in feel, and does not have a tactile bump like the Blue or Brown switches. This means you can feel the switch go all the way down and up, in a very smooth fashion. The Red switch is also much quieter than the Blue or Brown switches, which makes it ideal for work settings.


Get The Limited $99.00 Super Early Bird Deal

Order Now

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